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hello, anyway I'm Syaza. Uncle Nana's & Aunt Shelly's daughter. Turning to 20. KLMU student. Taking Diploma in Advertising. Actually, idk what to write ! :D I smile &a laugh too much for stupidest reason sometime. Tetapi seorg yg pemalu when first time meet someone new, a paper bag has never seemed like a BETTER accessory for hiding embarrassed laa. I love my friend :) I grown up already, to be a BETTER PERSON & even more meaner than before :) I am not here to pleased any of you people out there. This is just a place where I share my thoughts and random personal things about myself. My sincere thanks to those who became my follower and keep on reading my post. You're most welcome to drop in your comments and opinion, it may help me alot in the future time. Thanks for dropping . Loves, SyzaJacob TQSM<3

Saturday, October 09, 2010


Sejak kebelakangan ni , saya memang tade mood nak menulis. Bukak je laptop , maen game. Itu je laaa. Mukabuku , diary semua saya tgl kan. Malas nak update blog , malas nak update status. Semua gara-gara malas nak amek tahu pasal org laen and bgtahu pasal diri saya. I am tired okay ! Knowing things will be the same. Bukan mereka faham ape saya rasa , bukan saya faham ape mereka nak. And the conclusion is NO CHANGES .

Dulu saya sering mengeluh. Who is my bestfriend ? Mana mereka semua ? Kawan dua , tiga bulan then terus hilang. But now i realize. Org yg saya carik selalu ade dgn saya :) Maaf , bukan tak sedar kehadiran awak. Tp keliru dgn sikap manusia.

He is my boyfie , Firdaus Zainal. Dia laa segalanya untuk saya. Dia lah musuh , dia lah buah hati , dia jgk laa kawan baek saya. He do understand me so much. Saya saket dia jaga. Saya nak itu dia carikkan , saya nak ini dia dapatkan. Susah senang saya dia yg tahu. Dia laa tempat saya mengadu , tempat saya bermanja and dia jgk umpama bodyguard saya. Even saya gadoh teruk mcm mana pown dgn dia , dia tetap ade dgn saya.
*syg , believe me , you will always be the one i want*

by the way , tak lupa jugak buat kwn2 yg laen yg masih lg bersama dgn saya. To miraa , ejat and emir . You are the greatest friends i had. Thanx sbab always contact saya lg. Yang laen , even saya tak tulis , saya sayang korang !

Goodnight ,

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