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hello, anyway I'm Syaza. Uncle Nana's & Aunt Shelly's daughter. Turning to 20. KLMU student. Taking Diploma in Advertising. Actually, idk what to write ! :D I smile &a laugh too much for stupidest reason sometime. Tetapi seorg yg pemalu when first time meet someone new, a paper bag has never seemed like a BETTER accessory for hiding embarrassed laa. I love my friend :) I grown up already, to be a BETTER PERSON & even more meaner than before :) I am not here to pleased any of you people out there. This is just a place where I share my thoughts and random personal things about myself. My sincere thanks to those who became my follower and keep on reading my post. You're most welcome to drop in your comments and opinion, it may help me alot in the future time. Thanks for dropping . Loves, SyzaJacob TQSM<3

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sometimes you have to sacrifice love to save a friendship. But sometimes you have to sacrifice both to save yourself.

If I Die Tonight.

If I die tonight
What would I do on my last day
I know i'll wake early in the morning
Crack of dawn's last ray

Will probably go for breakfast like I used to do
Fried kuey teow F.A.M and roti canai at Raju's with my boo
And friends from way back
Neighborhood, homies, extended family
Only know me as the same cat
With that shaved head
Rocking cross colours, sneaks the school 
Rocking rhymes at back of class
Playing tricks on fools

Then I come back to the crib
Tidy up a bit
Y'all know my room's messy
Though classy
Start arranging my shit
Line up my shoes one by one
Start with Jordans and end with them Airforce ones
Put a post-it on the tongue of each one
With the name of each dun
I think I know my homies and who would want which one
Get on the phone and holler at everybody
It's nearly noon gots to have lunch with the family
I spend the last day, I don't know
Try to do a million other things
Hoping somehow time will slow
I guess what I'm trying to say is
Take everyday like it was your last
And work towards your dreams before you pass
And have a blast while you're at it
'Cos we don't know when we're gonna go
So make the best of it
Just keep it real to yourself
And to all people, if y'all lost somebody before
Remember they'll be to see you

If I die tonight
You know we'll be alright
Just smile for me
Reminisce the fond memories
If I die tonight
You know we'll be alright
Just smile for me
Reminisce the fond memories

Well, if I die tonight
I wonder where I'll be tomorrow
Nobody cry, please push away the sorrow
'Cos I have been the best of man
The best of friends
The best of mum and daddy's last son
The best of anything
Tell Joe here's the last one

If I die tonight 
Will I be forgiven
For all the people I've been slackin' with when i was livin'
Those who I've hurt their hearts
Took advantage of and even lied to
Hug you one last time for forgiveness
Yea, I would like to

If I die tonight
Would you feel the loss
Tomorrow would you dial my number by accident
And then suddenly paused

If I died tonight
I wonder who would get to keep my caps and shoes, jerseys
Even my little stuffed crocodile, Coco too
Get my cellphone, message everyone from A to Z
Tell them this ain't Malique
He passed away last night
Pray he rest in peace

If I died tonight
What wouldcha think of my room
When you see blue
Wanted to clean it up this morning
But then I never knew

If I died tonight
What would happen to Tim
How long would it take before she kissed another man
God damn
At fast food joints
Would you still order the same combo meal for 2
Things I wish I knew

A cute little thing to many eyes
To me you were simply a beautiful thing
I tell no lies
We went from mere invisible friends
To pals real tight
A rendezvous'd upon
And then a chit-a-chat all night
I used to pick you up
Until you got your own ride
A slammin two door wheel
A grey 3672 lookin' all sleek
Remember when I asked why this
You said because its real fast
So you could rush to see your boy after class
The last time we met
Was 01 September
You left feeling upset
Over something I can't remember
I never apologised til January 10th 2003
When I heard you passed away
When I was deep in my sleep

Your loss taught me not to take my friends for granted
Misunderstandings gotta slam them quick
Death you never plan it
You're sorrowly missed down here 
Warwin rest in peace
This too shall pass
But our true friendship will never cease

If I die tonight
You know we'll be alright
Just smile for me
Reminisce the fond memories
If I die tonight
You know we'll be alright
Just smile for me
Reminisce the fond memories

*my favourite song. yeahhh, it will touch your heart anyway.

Monday, March 28, 2011


im sorry. its my mistake. but whats wrong with you ? hmmm, whatever. just read it. i dont care bout it much. bye ! im done okayh !

Sunday, March 27, 2011

i want to be the most amazing person u ever know baby

i wish those who look at you with any interest would be blind. i wish those who speak of you with any interest would be mute. i wish those who think of you with any interest would be looney. i wish those who listen to your voice with any interest would be deaf. i wish those who touches you with any interest would be paralyzed. i wish those who knows you with any interest would have amnesia.

but they're all just wishes that ain't ever coming true. i could just wish for the only thing that is possible enough to be granted; i wish you would see me as the only existing girl in the planet. i wish you could grant me this wish because i am so tired of wishing unwishable things. also, because you are mine or at least that is what you told me. you used to think other girls are invisible, somehow you are seeing them now. though i know your heart will always be mine and only mine, a girl will always think of the unthinkable about their boy. so please, don't poach my heart and grant me this one wish. a wish for i'll be yours and you'll be mine till the end of time.

ps : i love you

Saturday, March 26, 2011

SYAZAA, please stop menanges. You are getting older. jgn jadik budak budak. kita kene terima kenyataan. tolong lap air mata awakkk ! STOP CRYING OKAYHH !

i miss you right now bff :(

front line : Amy, Syaa, Bell, Yulisa, Hidd, Munny, Naja, Izzah, Yatie
back line : Fard, Smackdat, Ainul, Zana, Peah, Azz, Ili, Qiela, Mya

boleh tak saya ckp saya rinduuu awak semua :( boleh tak saya ckp saya nak jumpa awak semua ? sumpah terlalu rinduu. setakat bertegur sapa, berjumpa di Facebook mana cukup. i cant describe how much i miss all of you so much ! saya menanges baca blog Yulisa. tapi tade one of you guys kat sisi saya. please wipe my tears :( girls, i have a lots of best friends in my life. but none of them can be as you guys. SERIOUS SHIT ! yelaa maybe kita dah sama sama tido satu katil, sama sama pergi mandi, sama sama cuci baju, pergi mkn. saya pakai baju awak, awak pakai baju saya. awak mkn makanan saya, saya mkn makanan awak. mcmtuu laa kita kan. sometime, berlari lari bersama sama, bergadoh tak bertegur. tuu semua adat persahabatan laa kan ?

bila kita semua nak berkumpul ? saya tak tahan tanggung rinduuu sorg sorg. kalau boleh lepasni saya nak tido sekatil dgn awak semua balek. biarlaa katil tuu kecik cmne pown, kita tujuh tujuh tido sama sama, pelok each other tanak bg jatoh katil, girls talk before tido, baca doa tidor sama sama. i want to repeat all that with you guys ! boleh tak ? boleh tak ?  boleh laaaa :( awak semua penting dalam hidop saya. sekarang baru saya tahu makna persahabatan kita :(

saya yang buat hal kan ? saya keluar dari sana tanpa pengetahuan awak semua. then lepastuuu setahun kita semua lost contact. saya tak contact awak semua. saya lupa kwn kwn yg pernah sama sama susaa dgn saya. and saya pernah buat masalah dekat tempat sana. and pernah awak semua pulaukan saya lepas awak semua tahu saya siapa :( tp tuu kejap je. awak semua buat kejutan untuk saya mlm birthday sayayg ke 16. menanges saya saat tuu. tak sangka, awak semua boleh terima saya lagi lepastuuu :( saya menanges sebab saya terharu. saya tak pernah dpt kwn mcm awak semua :( ini pertama kali saya mengaku dekat awak semua. and lagi satu, even timee tuu saya dah jaoh dari awak semua, awak semua tak lupa kan saya jugak. sekali lagi, awak semua buat saya menanges time mlm birthday saya yang ke 17, awak semua buat voice sms , nyanyi lagu birthday kat saya, saya record tuu sume. then awak semua send mms dekat saya gmbr awak semua. RINDUUUNYAA !

kalau boleh, saya nak kita semua jadik close mcm duluu. sentiasa ada for each other time one of us ada probs. yeahh, we share too many things together kann ? kenapa laa sekejap sgt masa tu beredar ? saya nak balek kenangan kenangan tuu semua. biarlaa saya hilang kwn kwn yg laen, tp bukan awak semua. saya tak sabar nak jumpa awak semua. nak berkumpul ramai ramai.nak peluk ramai ramai mcm rime kita pelok ramai ramai atas katil saya. kita pelok menanges bila one of our fren, pergi tglkan kita, menanges bersama bilaa kita kene marah :(

Ya Allah, panjangkanlah umur kami semua. berilah kesempatan untuk kami semua bertemu semula. persahabatan kami, persahabatan sejati. Ya Allah, mereka kwn kwn terhebat yg saya pernah ada. saya perlukan mereka. mereka kwn suka duka saya.

specia; dedicated to LeesaBellaPeahAinaMunnyHidd, Tera and Tanjung United 2007 :(
currently missing you guy so much !

*yulisa, aku menanges baca blog kaw. seriously, i dont know why my tears falls down.

syaa gewdix :(

Friday, March 25, 2011


Hello ! Im Syahnafiza Binti Yaacob or make it short Syaza Yaacob. Im a super, hottiest, gorgeous, adorable in the world. dont get jealous with me okayh :)

*btw tiada siapa nak puji, i puji diri sendiri
motivasi untuk diri sendiri :)

difference between lone and like

if u look into the eyes of the one u love, u blush
if u look into the eyes of the one u like, u smile
in front of the one u love, u cant say everything on ur mind
but infront of the person u like, u can

infront of the person u love, u tend to get shy but infront of the one u like, u can show ur own self

the person u love come into ur mind every 2 minute and u cant
look straight into the eyes 
of the one u love.
but u can always smile into the eyes of the one u like.

when the one u love is crying, u cry with them
but when the one u like is crying, u end up comforting

the feeling of love starts from the eyes
but the feeling of like starts from the ears

so, if u stop liking a person u use to like
all u need to do is cover ur ears
but if u try to close ur ayes
love turn into tears drop and remain in your heart
forever after

Thursday, March 24, 2011


i run, you chased me.
i smile and you'd smiled back.
things are just too perfect when you're around.
but when you're away, far away from me,
that's when i realized
something missing here.

ps: i need you FZ.

saya bangga dengan awak KAWAN :)

am i stop from blogging ? no im not ! cumaa lama tak update. BLANK ! out of idea. haha. 

btw, neyh bukan i punya. tp kwn i punya. one of my best ever friend, Peah . girl, im very proud of youu. wuhuu ! you are one of my role model. i just wanna be with you. serious neyh weyh ! aku jelez. grr. rugi sgt duluuu aku study maen-maen. spm pown maen maen. alhamdulillah, now in college life, i've change a lot ! know why ? i just wanna be like you. and be like the others ! btw congrate babe !

btw, next week, i nak keluar with my girl ! yahooo ! tp peah tiada di sini. dia di penang. budak uitm kann. aku nak jumpa kaw laaa ! haihhhh, lma bebenar tak jumpa awak ! saya dah dilamun rinduuuu ! awak rinduu saya tak ? next week , bell nak belanja karoke. whoot whoot ! lama sgt tak keluarkan suara kris dayanti saya neyh. HAHA, siap laa kaw bell. kaw perli perli aku kann ?

okayh. cant wait for next week. Bell, Hidd, Leesa and me :) ohh gosh ! even baru jumpa kaw org tapi tak lepas rinduu lg neyh weyh ! cuma Aina, Tera and Peah je la yg tiada with us :( takpe, we plan on may too okayh ? then nanti jumpa kita pelok pelok nanges nanges :D HAHA. rinduuuu awak sekalian !

Monday, March 21, 2011

darah merah

patutla harini aku sensitif+marah+geram+hangin+mood sengal+sedih giler babi tak hengatt dunia. rupe rupe nye cik merah datang. bloody you! kau ingat aku suka la kalau kau datang ? sumpah menjengkilkan. abis penat satu hari tadi aku layan perasaan. buang masa btol.

haa. kan sekarang dah sakit perut. sengal badan sana sini. haissh. macam macam bala ar arini. dapat ape la aku esok.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

i miss her,

*syaza and mia lazaraa
who is mia lazaraa ? er korang tak kenal ke ? okayh for those who takenal , let me introduce dekat korang, she is my adek. the only adek perempuan yg aku ada. gmbr neyh time aku form 5 and dia form 4. so korg abaikan je laa. i put this picture coz i rinduu gila time time neyh. seriously. she is awesome ! ape bende i nak buat, i akan buat dgn dia. same goes with sorg lagi adek i, mirul.

we had a problem before. tp i rasa everything dah okayh pown. and just now she text me she said dia nak balek rumah. and i said, balek je laa. kesian kat mama. mama sometime menanges, mana ada org tahu. melaenkan i. coz i je yg tgk mama nanges depan mata i. memang sedih laa time tgk mama nanges.

mia balek laaa. i know our life dah tak senang mcm duluuu. and sometime ape kita nak, kita kene dapatkan sendiri. yelaa, mia tgk laa mama cmne skg. life dia dah tak sesenang dulu. why not kita tolong faham keadaan mama skg ? kita tolong dia ? even kita mcm terseksa dowk dgn mama, tp sometime kita akan rasa happy bila tgk mama tergelak, mama happy sume. serious ! aku dowk dengan mama, aku tgk dia happy, aku pown rasa happy sgt. tp bila dia kene marah sume, depan aku dia tak menanges, tp belakang aku, aku tahu dia menanges, coz aku pown menanges tgk mama. tolong laa mia. too many things that we need to carry after this. be matured la. jgn jadik mcm budak budak.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


*my handsome boy !
one thing for sure. you make me missing you always.
not every hour.
not every minutes.
not every seconds.
but every breaths i take.

it will always be you. ;)

ps: tiba tiba teringin TGI again. <3

Friday, March 18, 2011

this few days,

i dont even knw wht i feel act . these few days , i was just like not becoming myself . i smile , i sad , i angry , i mad , i cry , i laugh alot , and bla bla bla . ohh god so can die one -.-' HAHA .

honestly speaking , everything is sucks for me now . so suddenly i feel uncomfortable with all this thng which is surrounded me . i cant breath wisely , thinks positively . all i can do is just crying , thinks negative and bla bla bla in the bracket is bad .

so today i think i have to clear all of it and start my new day with the tittle of HAPPY . ohh god , crappy talks . so can die one haha -.-' looks guys , i am becoming like an annoying one . i do notice about it but i cant do anythg beside control my emotion , online , chillin , hang out with my girls and bla bla bla.

*btw, i cant understand what is the problem with my internet ?
why i my fb slowwwwwwwwwww gila weyh ? -___-

proud with myself

*my cover album

*first page
wohoo at last berjaya jugak menyiapkan 60% assignment art & design. perghh, agak tough jugak la. coz i tak pernah buat album org. then this is my first time doing my album by my own self ! okayh kat atas neyh i just upload dua dari 6 picture yg dah di ubah suai. i malas nk upload byk byk. internet nnt slow mcm i. HAHA. i tanak internet slow because... because ape you guys rasa ? HAHA. tak dapat jwb ? okayh laa. to be honest, i nak maen cityville :D semalam satu hari i tak dapat maen. so harini tak tido layan cityville :)

*btw bila dah siap i upload sume sekali :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

im 20 wannabe :)

*when i were 14 baby :)

we keep counting days for how long will we still be living in this very own world. yea, for sure we've been through bumpy roads. the ups and downs. passed many major obstacles in front of us. and frankly speaking, thats what make we learn new things. thats make us learn on how to overcome these unpleasantness. to those who strong enough, they will get through these with smiles and its enough already to cheer themselves back and forget the unnecessary. but to those who failed to put that smile on that face back, they end up, crushed and bumped hard. and sure does it hurts. hurts like alot.
*20 nowadays :)

in another 1 months im gonna have my 20th age. there will be some maturity going there baby. i cant be this childish anymore. i cant mumbling bout some unimportant stuffs as my daily conversation. i got to act according to my age and sure my thinking also need to be matured. i got to stand up by my own. and be more independence in every aspect. financially and of course my mentality. =) insya Allah. anyways.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

love letter

gambar lama. time mkn McDonald :) 

i have been waiting for you for so long, and now you are here with me, i will never ever let you go baby. we both know that life sometime is not always fair. we know that there will a time when we have to face problems in our relationship, but we will overcome because our love will see us through. they say promises are made to broken, but i say promises is meant to be for as long as we believe in the power of love. i know that in my heart you believe it too. i am so thankful and so happy that i have found my destiny in you.
you are my happiness, a very special blessing GOD has given to me. i am so excited to spending my whole life with someone that i truly madly deeply love and care about, spending each special day with all the love in our heart of hearts. i love you so much F and will always love you until my last breath. that is a promise that i will surely going to keep forever in my heart.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

we loveeeeee Power Rangers so muchhhhh !

rinduunya zaman childhood. yeah i wish i were still a kids. i miss all my great time with my cousin. rinduuu maen pondok pondok. HAHA. rinduuu gila gila.

*left to right : Mia, Adek Am, Mirul, Kayong and Shafy
ini laa kesayangan saya. sumpah syg sgt kat mereka. memang dari kecik maen sama sama. who are them ? Mia and Mirul are my siblings. Adek Am and Shafy are my cousin. since kecik lagi kami close gila. and even sampai skg still lg close. cuma tak kerap jumpa and lepak mcm duluu laaa. coz masing masing bz dgn kerjaya kann. Im still studying. taking Advertising. Mia now working. mirul pown kerja jugak. Adek Am studying kat PTPL in culinary art manakala Shafy sama study dekat PTPL. amek multimedia. so sume bz. cmne nak lepak ? laen la dulu, on friday je sume dah berkumpul lepak. rinduuuu weyh !

nak tahu tak favourite kami ape ? on weekend, time kami kecik je laa. kami suka sgttt tgk power rangers. BENDE WAJIB TENGOK on saturday evening. sume sanggop mandi cepat cepat coz nak tgk power rangers. memang suka habes laaaa. as well laa. sume character dalam power rangers tuu kami nak jadik. I as power rangers Pink, Shafy as Red, Mia as Yellow, Adek Am as Blue, Mirul as Green. then mlm tuu sure perang je kerja.

*ini power ranger pertama sekali kuar. ada byk lg.
then tak lama lepas tuuu kuar plak dekat ntv7 cite pokemon. setiap hari sabtu pukul 8.30pm. wahhhh, kami semua memang teruja habes laa kan. mcm biasa. ada nak jadik ituu laa nak jadik ini laaa. HAHA tp paling penting i jadik Pikachu. haha. bukan setakat tuu je. on puasa time nenek atok bawak kami berlima ke masjid, mlm tuu kami bukan sembahyang pown. kami berkumpul kat padang masjid, maen pokemon. HAHA. i lawan lawan dgn yg laen guna kuasa masing masing. then kwn kwn i pon join sekali. they are Shahnas, Shafiq, Aisar, Eriq, Ismail,tah sape tahh. tapi ramai laaaa. memang best. then atok nampak habes kami berlima kene kejar dgn rotan dekat masjid tuuu. HAHAHA. rinduuu weyhh !

Monday, March 14, 2011

awek berbaju pink

hello, saya Fieza. im 20 years old this year :D hahaha. actually i tataw bila masa i simpan gmbr neyhh. tp gmbr wedding one of my friend's brother. tak sangka ada plak gmbr yg tak berapa nak lawa neyhh kan. well, i suka gila kat baju i yg pink neyhh. memang suka. kadang kadang pergi wedding mana mana or rumah siapa siapa i just pakai baju pink neyh je.

haa tgk, satu lagi baju pakai baju pink neyh. memang fovurite saya laa ! haha. i tak berapa suka pink actually. tp kalau pakai baju, pink memang match dengan kulit i. thats why i suka pakai baju kurung pink tu. i nampak lawa kann ? haha , start  perasannn. so ignore je laaa.

i love you, MA

Duhai apakah gerangan budi balasan

Bagi insan melahirkan, membesarkan

Bercucuran airmata bila mengenangkan
Betapakah besar budi ibunda berikan
Siang malam menderita
Hingga entah bila
Sungguh besar pengorbanan
Ibunda berikan

Tiada bahagia jika tiada
Doa puja restu
Syurga itu telapak kaki ibu 

*shelly nasution. my mama :)
this is my mama. yeahh i am truly deeply madly love my mom very much. i know that she loves me too eventhough she never show it. but sometime, whatever i want, dia akan try buat sampai i dapat bende tuu. thank youu mama. i know what is our situation now mama. sometime kayong tgk mama nanges, kayong pown nanges. tp kayong tahan coz kayong tanak mama tgk kayong nanges. kayong kan kene jaga mama. so kayong taleyhh tunjuk kat mama kayong neyh lemah.

too many sins that i've made to you mama. im really sorry. i didn't mean to hurts you. 

kayong janji, one day kayong akan dapat ekrja yg bagus bagus. kayong akan carik duet for mama and family sume. that is my promise. mama doakan ye ? mama doakan kayong dpt kerja bagus bagus and umur kayong panjang. kayong nak jaga mama. tuu impian kayong. kayong tahu skg neyh kita susaa. tp susaa cmne pown ape kayong nak mkn, ape kayong nak pakai, sometime mama try jugak beli. sometime kayong tak mintak mama dah beli dah. thank you mama. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Assignment for my followers :)

i nak bagi satu assignment untuk korang. boleh tak ? mudah je. kira dapat jawapan, terus dapat 100%. takde presentation apepun, cuma kena bukak Microsoft Word je.

setiap langkah for guideline korang pun dah i provide kan. mana laa nak dapat lecturer baik hati macam i ni weyh!

1. buka Microsoft Word
2. taip dalam huruf besar Q33 NY (no pesawat langgar WTC)
3. mari tukar size font kepada 48
4. sekarang jom main highlighter. sila highlight Q33 NY.
5. tukar kepada font WINGDINGS.

apa yang korang nampak?
i taktau nak comment ape, korang pikir la sendiri.

*nota kaki: please guys, this is only a game. copy from my friend's status. dont be too serious boleh? 


every girl sure suke teddy bear kan ? who doesnt ? HAHA, sesiapa yg tak suke, pleaseee jumpa saya. meyhh saya ajar cmne nak suke kat teddy bear :) i have a lot of teddy bear in my rooms. yeahh of course laa i suke teddy bear. semua org tahu i syg teddy bear i. even time dekat hostel duluu, i bring my teddy together. every weeks tukar teddy bear. even sampai skg neyh pown i still tido dengan teddy bear i. tapi tak semua laa. yg terpilih je :) yg laen dah susun dah kat tepi katil i and dekat meja study i. perghh, my room is full with bearsss you know ! okayh let me introduced kat korg teddy bear favourite i. tp tak taruk gmbr la. co mls nak snap. eheee :)

firsty, teddy bear paling besar dlm my room name is BABY. actually teddy bear tuu step dad i punya. tp sebab i neyh suka bear, i selamba je amek and put it inside my rooms. haha. selamba je i kan. tp dia tak ckp ape pown. he saw it, he saw i hug that BABY, tp dia buat dunno je. so dia dah bg i laa kiranya.

second, BEARBEAR, given by hazrin. yg neyhhh duluu i gila gila syg. dah laa kaler putih+merah then ada tulis TRUE LOVE. i engat lg hazrin bg dgn musical ape tah time mlm dia dtg rumah i dgn zarul, rozy and id. tp last last yg musical tuu i pecahkan time kami break. bear takan i nak buang plak ? i kan syg teddy :) so i keep it. present from him time Valentine 3 years ago. since i dpt neyh i tglkan yg laen kat rumah. bwk BEARBEAR g hostel je. kwn kwn i pown ckp BEARBEAR cutee sgt ! sampai pernah mama cuci dia. mama taruk dlm washing machine i marah. then i ckp kat hazrin, BEARBEAR dah lemas. tp now, i tak tdo dgn BEARBEAR pown. sebab i dah dpt yg baru :) and furthermore, me and hazrin kan dah tade pape. so simpan atas meja study.

third, PANTHER. yg neyh time i form 4 suka bwk g hostel. tp now i dah buang coz i benci tgk panther. HAHA kwn i laaa suka maen maen. sampai i rasa geli dgn PANTHER pown ada jugak. tp PANTHER neyh kaler pink. alaaa pink panther. hehe. blur nak bg nama ape bg nama panther je. besar laa jugak. dia panjang.

fourth, YOYOT. given by emy. yg neyhh i mintak dekat emy. i nak bear. i dah nmpk teddy bear i nak. dah bgtaw dia pown tp dia tanak beli. one day tuu, i, emy, zarul, bai, F and sape tah lepak dekat bistro. i ckp kat dia pape pown i nak bear jugak ! so dia terpaksa laa ikot ckp i. YOYOT pown colour putih and merah mcm BEARBEAR. tp i bg nama dia yoyot coz perot dia boyot ke depan. HAHA.

fifth, FISYA. yg neyh teddy bear berjantina betina. sebab yg bg neyh my bestfriends FIFY. last year i jumpa dia lepas bertahun tak jumpa. kwn satu hostel time form 5. she know that i like bear so much ! tbe tbe sampai dia buat surprise. dia bg bear dekat i ! woahhhh ! sukanya hati saya dapat bear neyhh. i bg nama FISYA coz short form her name, FIFY jadik FI and me, SYAZA jadik SYA. last last tercipta laa FISYA.

seventh, yg neyh paling special coz my F yg bg. yg neyh i tak mintak ape. tbe tbe dapat. terkejut jugak laa. coz time tuu kami baru baru bercinta. HAHA. tgh naek scoot dia tak salah. tbe tbe dia bukak box scoot dia, i saw bear there ! then dia bg i, dia kata, that is for me :) senyum lebar je i. ohh lupa. nama dia TyBear. kenapa TyBear ? actually bear neyh from mcD. then dekat ribon dia ada tulis MY TRUSTY BEAR. korang faham kan ape maksud dia ? so i make it short, TyBear. sebab bear neyh kecik, it easy for me to bring it anywhere. i can put it inside my handbag ! wahhh. comel kann ?

anyway, ada byk lagi bear. tp yg tuu sume tade sejarah sgt. mama beli and bg. there are : ZIBRI(actually zibri neyh GIRAFFE), BELL, WHITE, MONKEY, TWEETY, BUNNY, KITTY, CHOCO, KANGOO(givenby AYONG/SAIFULHAFIZ), ELMO(i ada byk bear elmo dekat rumah),NYET, BUBU, SHABUU,SHABY(shabu and shaby is my lion. got alots too !),TIGER(also same. i have too many collection of tiger here!) and many more. ada yg no name. HAHA.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


yesterday around 6 o'clock we meet up somewhere nearby to college. he picks me up there. i engat dia baru habes kelas. rupanya kelas pown dia tak pergi. reason, dia kata hujan. ohh pandai awak nak ckp hujan eyhh. awak kuar date dgn saya tak hujan plak ? hee :) first thing kam buat is, i nak ke pwtc. coz ada matta fair. plan nak pergi vacation somewhere laa. lama tak holiday kowt ! pusing dlm tuu. punya laa ramai orggg. perghh. then ada yg engat both of us dah married. HAHA. tuu saje nak amek hati suruh kami pergi vacation dia org laa tu. nothing much there. tp yg penting, sampai skg saya masih pakai tag matta fair. HAHA. tag dia mcm tag masok sunway lagoon laa :D
*kesesakan yg melanda
*my F left me behind :(

then lepas boring pusing kat sana, we olanto have our dinner. dia tanya. nak mkn kat mana. i engat nak mkn kat Menara Pusing dekat KL Tower tuu. tp i tak buat survey lagi so cancel laa g sane. he ask me "nak pergi Chilli's KLCC ke TGI Friday Pavilion. i said "takesaa pown nak pergi mana." as you wish baby. i ikot je mana u nak pergi. last last we plan mkn kat tgi friday :)
we get a seat for two :) then start to order :) haha. kebulur benar mlm tuu. f kalau boleh nak order 2 appetizer. for me one is more than enough. then i plak kalau boleh nak order desert minis. tapi tak kesampaian jugak coz dua dua kenyang. haha. so gmbr mknn and air boleh tgk dekat gmbr paling atas sekali., that is what we had for our dinner.


  • Mac And Cheese - delicious. sumpah favourite ! a lot of cheese okayh.

  • Him : StrawberrySurprise - sweet gila. neyh pown sedap.
  • Me : San Francisco - gilaa gilaa masam. for those who like sour type of drink boleh la amek neyh mcm i.

  • Him : Double Quesadilla - this one is cheese to. together with herb rice. 
  • Me : BBQ Beef Tacos - rasa ala ala pizza sikit. f ckp i punya sedap. i plak ckp dia punya sedap. but mine special sikit. gor fries. tapi fries tuu di buat drpd satu bijik potato.
total for our dinner i engat mahal laa sgt kan. tp rupanya tak laa :) but mkn kat sini tak leyh laa mkn hari hari :D hah hari hari memang duet bulanan pown tak cukup. once a month pown cukup laaa. then semalam kami kuar pakai barang hadiah masing masing for anniversary. him dapat new jacket. and i plak dapat jacket and shoes :) thank you baby for our great day. HAHA.

*btw last year bila jumpa dia. 
rambut dia panjang. 
bila tgk tahun neyh plak dah pendek 
tak panjang panjang. sedih je hati ni. heee :)