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hello, anyway I'm Syaza. Uncle Nana's & Aunt Shelly's daughter. Turning to 20. KLMU student. Taking Diploma in Advertising. Actually, idk what to write ! :D I smile &a laugh too much for stupidest reason sometime. Tetapi seorg yg pemalu when first time meet someone new, a paper bag has never seemed like a BETTER accessory for hiding embarrassed laa. I love my friend :) I grown up already, to be a BETTER PERSON & even more meaner than before :) I am not here to pleased any of you people out there. This is just a place where I share my thoughts and random personal things about myself. My sincere thanks to those who became my follower and keep on reading my post. You're most welcome to drop in your comments and opinion, it may help me alot in the future time. Thanks for dropping . Loves, SyzaJacob TQSM<3

Thursday, May 19, 2011

thanks to those who hated me. you made me  a  STRONGER PERSON.
thanks to those who loved me. you made my HEART BIGGER.
thanks to those who cared. you made ME FEEL IMPORTANT.
thanks to those who left. you showed me that NOT EVERYTHING IS FOREVER.
thanks to those who stayed. you showed me the MEANING OF TRUE FRIENDS.

and a big thanks

TODAY, xoxo

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

im sorry ;(

im sorry. im truly sorry. i know, i dah banyak susahkan orang. this is not what i want. i terpaksa okay. you know how my condition now kan ? and actually you tahu kan, i type yang mcm mana. i am an independent girl before. ape i nak, i will get it by myself. i bukan jenis yg menyusahkan orang. you know me kan ?

too many times i cried :( saya susahkan awak especially. semenjak dua menjak neyh, i admit yang saya hari hari menanges fikir kenapa life saya mcmni. im sorry. saya bukan sengaja nak susahkan awak. sikit pown tak. im sorry again.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

teringin nak pergi 
satu hari nnt :)

new message

Dear Firdaus Zainal


friendship needs no words.


you guys always be there for me through thick and thin, good times and bad. 
you offer a helping hand when i am dim. you patiently listen when i want to talk. you tell me i am good even when i have been bad. when i cry, you are there to help me out.
when i am happy, you are there to hear me shout. 
when i grin you know that i am really mad. you can always tell when i am sad. 
so hear me out when i say you are the light in my day, the moon in my night that made my life so bright. with you i am always glad that you are the best friend i have ever had ! no matter how young or old we are, the term friends forever is something that make us smile. 

Friends are the sunshine of life.

yulisa, bella, mya, munny, hidd, aina and tera.

munny and mya

bella and mya

mya, bella and yulisa

bella and yulisa

The best mirror is an old friend.

ruszalinda and farhana

thank you for you: for who you are,
however far away;
and for the words you send to me,
near mad for what you say.
knowing simply that you're there,
yet thinking much of me,
opens up my happiness,
undone for all to see.

lots of love,
Syahnafiza Yaacob
*i miss you

Sunday, May 15, 2011

so cute !
It's sad, expecting the worst from people, who mean the most.


No matter how mad I am,
My love for you will never be less 
You will always be mine, forever.

I know I've made a mistake. But is it wrong for me to be happy just like I used to be?
Dont you love me just like you used to? Do I deserve this? :'(

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

1 year 2 months

Dear Mr. Right,

happy 1 year 2months anniversary syg. you have been such a good boyfriend. i love you too death. we had so much fights EVERYDAY. but we managed to baik baik semula, manja manja semula kannn ? you are the cutest boyfie that i ever had. baby, i pon tak tahu lah mcm mana nk describe lagi. I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH. i dont wanna lose you baby. you are part of me, you are my life. i really need you in my life, so please love, dont ever try to leave me. i really cant hidup tau kalau you takde ;( Its 1 year 2 months already and i want this relationship last until FOREVER. b always sabar dgn my attitude yg suka sgt merajuk kan. b baik sgt. happy anniversary syg

With lots of love,
Ms. Right

Sunday, May 08, 2011

the only MAMA i have in the world,

motherhood is tough 24 hour job, no pay, no day off and sometimes it is unappreciated, but yet resignation is impossible. a mother is a woman who created by GOD to bring love, joy, happiness and caring into his world. i am so glad GOD has created a woman to be a mother, even though motherhood is a full time job, a mother's work is never done. so people, please appreciated your mother and tell them that you are love the.

you filled my days with rainbow lights,
fairytale and sweet dream nights,
a kiss to wipe away my tears,
gingerbread to ease my fears. 
you gave the gift of life to me
and then in love, you set me free.
i thank you for your tender care,
for deep warm hugs and being there. 
i hope that when you think of me
a part of you
you'll always see.
mama, kayong sayang mama. even we always keep on fighting. ehee :) you are the greatest mama i ever had. hell yeah, no other mother can replace you in my heart. even kayong dah besar macam ni, sometime kayong still tidur dgn mama lagi kann ? i love you more than words. you are at the top of my heart. i knew that we are not like before, our life have change. everything seems like sucks. but you still act like you are strong. yeah you are strong. mama tak pernah tunjuk mama sedih or mama susah depan kami semua. i am so proud to having you in my life. we work together, share all the moment. and no matter what happen to me, you will always stand by my side kan mama ? 

kakyong :)

Saturday, May 07, 2011

reunion .

from left : leesa, syaza, bella, muiz, peah, munny, and adda.

my best ever friend dekat teknik setapak. except yg lelaki tuu. HAHA. yg lelaki tuu kwn satu kelas dgn i, and the girls plak kwn baek i dekat hostel.

first mula mula i jumpa peah. dah janji nak jumpa dekat kepong sentral. then after that, tgu yulisa dekat kl sentral. my brother el belanja starbuck :D thank you syg ! kakak selalu pau kau kann syg kan. eheee.

then after that, we guys pergi BB. bella dah tgu kat sana. so jumpa bella dekat lot10. first thing lepas dah jumpa semua, dah pelok, ciom lepas rindu bagai, kami pergi kitaro. leesa and bella nak mkn. sekali peah and elmo pown nak makan jugak -__-' . i je tak mkn mkn. im full on that day ! HAHA, tapi tak sangka yulisa belanja. kalau aku taw, memang aku dah paw kau duluuu leesa.

after that, pergi red box. singing competition between five of us. HAHA, gurau je. dah tataw nak buat ape. karoke lagi best :) furthermore, memang murah sgt laa kat situu. we guys karoke sampai pukul 3. okayh la not bad. and i love it !

then we guys plan nak jalan jalan kat pavi. and tgu munny dekat sana. sampai je pavi, tgk ada mini gig kat sana. lama tak ushar event. rupanyaa ada Indie Fest kat situ. and sekali, nmpk kawan kitorang lg sorg si muiz. dia suruh tgu sampai dia perform and terpaksa la tgu.

lepas band dia habes perform, i nak balek. kerja bhai ! HAHA.

Friday, May 06, 2011


awak, i love you so deeply. and more than words. saya hargai kasih sayang awak dekat saya. you are the greatest guy in my life. awak tahu kan, awak bf saya paling lama :) i know that one day, all our dreams will come true. one day, you will be mine and i will be yours forever. Insya Allah. we pray for our relation okayh baby ? hope Allah will help us :) anyway sayang, 

  • thanks sbb tak pernah jemu pujuk i,
  • thanks sebab tak pernah jemu jemu pujuk i jugak
  • thanks sebab mmg you tak pernah jemu pujuk i :)
  • thanks sebab you sangat penyabar melayan karenah i yg mengade
  • thanks for being soooo cute. i swear that you are the cutest boyfie i ever had. and you are so sweet too baby :)

*you will be the last one in my life Firdaus Zainal

what i wish came true :)

ffinally ! El belikan i baju neyh :D goshhh, i like it okayh. memang dari dulu nak sgt dpt. and now, i dah berjaya :) simpan dalam wardrobe. make collection. HAHA, to be honest, i byk sgt baju, tp tapenaa nak pakai. HAHA suka tgk, then beli, lepastu simpan. yeahhh :) it's my hobby okayh. cant deny it. bukan i neyh spendthrift. tp dah minat kan :) 

anyway, for my Dearest Firdaus Zainal ,

I need you, I trust you, I admire you, I want you.
And you can be wrong a lot of the time and
we can fight and get mad at each other,
but nothing, nothing in this world
can change the fact that

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

BLUE gonna win this game on this week !

me and F plan nak tgk game neyh on this week. HAHA :D saya Chelsea and F Man  United. chelsea, come on la ! game neyh pleasee menang. dah penat tgk game awak kalah. dah penat tgk F perangai mcm setan.

Blue is The Colour

Blue is the colour, football is the game 
We're all together, and winning is our aim 
So cheer us on through the sun and rain 
'cause Chelsea, Chelsea is our name 

Here at the Bridge whether rain or fine 
We can shine all the time 
Home or away, come and see us play 
You're welcome any day 

Blue is the colour, football is the game 
We're all together, and winning is our aim 
So cheer us on through the sun and rain 
'cause Chelsea, Chelsea is our name 

Come to the Shed and we'll welcome you 
Wear your blue and see us through 
Sing loud and clear until the game is done 
Sing Chelsea everyone. 

the one i love in my life is you F

awak, awak nak saya cakap berapa byk kali yg saya memang sayang awak. please stop think bad things bout me. can you ? i ada you baby. you are the most hottest, sexiest, sweetest guy i ever had in my life. JUST YOU. i love you warts and all baby. believe me, that i only have you in my life. i wont ever let you guy after what we did together since im belonging to you. saya tahu, awak tak pernah percayakan saya. kalau saya memang penipu mcm yang awak cakapkan, dari awal duluu, im already break your heart sayang. maybe duluu i tak mcmni, tp dulu and sekarang dah laen kan ? kita dua pown byk berubah jugak. bukan saya seorang. tp sincerely from my heart, i never stop myself from loving you. i love you, and i really mean it baby. trust me, that im yours. just yours :(

Monday, May 02, 2011

selan F, i do love ...

kayong, kikie and mama
saya ada mama yg sayang saya, yg manjakan saya.
saya ada adek yg suka dibuli.
korang semua ada ke ?
mestilaa ada kan. tp bg saya, my mama is the best ever mother in my life.
and my lil brother is the greatest brother in my life.

my hair is curl.

hehe. saje buat experiment with my hair. and i likee it !
tak sabar nak buat curl. sumpahhhhh suka gila weyhhh.
even rambut aku rambut karat, tp aku still suka rambut aku. rambut korg tuu rambut paling buruk aku pernah tgk.
bukan setakat rambut tapi perangai pown sama jugak.

note : aku tak pernah nak malu la weyh :) thank you.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

i never try to love you, but i always do love you

im sorry for. i may not be the best for you. i may not be the one who makes you happy all the time. i may not be there for you. i may not be the old version of me. i may not be your special person anymore :(

i may be the one who makes you cry. i may be the one who makes your tears dropped. i may be the one who changed a lot. i may be the one who makes you feel lonely. i may be considered by you as a b*tch, a not so loyal person, and an uncaring person :(

but, please unblame me. please unbreak my heart. please smile at me. please talk to me. and the important thing is, please forgive me baby :(

you should know that, i always seek for your forgiveness. i always wish for your happy ending. i always hope that you'll always get the best. i always want you to be happy with your loved and new one. i always care about you and i always try to give you my attention.

i never put you on any blame. i never want you to cry. i never want you to be lonely.
I never try to love you, cause I always do love you

Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy birthday to you FIZA. sweet20 :D

its april 24th and its my birthday !
aaaaaaa cant believe that i am 20 now. so tuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa doww. :O
thanks a bunch everyone for wishing for my birthday. especially mama, elmo and kikie for your surprise.
terkejut kayong tadi tgh tgh layan lappy tbe tbe lampu tertutup.
HAHA tp before tuu kayong dah dgr kikie nyanyi lagu birthday duluu. so mama and el dah kantoi dah.
and the others. Firdaus Zainal, my amore, maryam, teeqa, fanaa, niena, sue, alya, adek am, kyla, wan, raysha rizrose, aunty linda, ekal, epul, nana, yaya, ex dorm-mate, ex school-mate, college-mate, friends from FB and otherssss.
so sorry tak mention cause terlampau banyak sgt hehe.
thanks again,
love u guys

later on i will uploas the picture. need to sleep now. nak jumpa b pukul 6 am :) lovee ou guys so muchh !

my birthday cake. HAHA written then FIZA. not SYAZA =P

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy birthdayyyyy girls !

today birthday,
she is my cousin's gf. happy birthday hana. going to 20 :) just like me. be a good girl. be a good gf to my cousin okayh ? take a very good care of him. and jangan panggil i kakyong dah. coz you la kakak i. and you lagi tua dari i :) eheeee. may what you want, will come true babe.

tomorrow birthday,
one of my best friends who know me very well. ahah, tipu je. SYAZA YAACOB tuu aku laa kann. going to 20 tomorrow. hopefully i will change my attitude from being childish to matured. yeahh i always act like a kids. maybe because mama always pampered me :)

day after tomorrow,
one of my bestfriends. lama tak jumpa dia. i rasa since dia bz nak spm. dia adek BFF i, sarah amirah. b, i miss you. hopefully, you will always remember me. kita dah tak close kann. i rasa lama sgt i tak jumpa you. sweet18 baby. love you so muchh !

okayh thats all. anyway, to my twins,
i will always adore you. Happy birthday okayh. we were born on the same day ! love you KC ! 
tapayah nak jadik hipokrit dah lepas ni boleh tak ? dah naek muak laaa tgk !

Thursday, April 21, 2011

3 days more

Sir Ali, next time kalau nak cancel class please inform us awal awal boleh tak ? ini dah dua minggu sir cancel last minute. kesian student student awak neyhhh.

tapi naseb baek pagi tadi saya tak bangun tido ! ahaaa, kalau saya bangun memang frust laa dekat kolej sorg sorg tgu class pukul 2 plak kannn.

my birthday is just around the corner. wohoo ! cant wait for it. last year keluar dating dgn F and kwn kwn. and i get heart necklace from him. this year, im wondering what i will get for my birthday.

my birthday cake. 20 wannabe

go kart dating. whoot whoot !

new high heels. im crazy with this thing !

genting highland. gonna be crazy there

jumpsuit. i want to keep it in my wardrobe.

polaroid ! new camera pleaseeeeee,

20 wannabe. wohoo ! but im still acting like a kid. HAHA. sorry. this is the real me.

btw to baby boo : love is like a shadow, when you chase it, it runs away. when you turn back and 
walk away, it follows you
True friends are the ones who are true to you and make you become true to yourself

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


all too often, we take our loves one for granted.

when someone loves us unconditionally, it is easy to be careless with that love
because we assume that it will always be there.
we forget to say thank you and be polite or even do something nice in return
we need to be more aware of this and do what we think is right n respectful.
showing and expressing our love and appreciation
especially to the person loves us most, before its too late 

te amo, te queiro SAYANGGGGG ! muah muah, xoxo

get hot under the collar

i hate you ! tolong laa berambus dari life kami berdua boleh tak ? suka sgt menyemakkk. before this, aku dgn dia dah pernah bergadoh lagi besar dari ini, tapi still okayh. tp yg baru neyh bila kau semak je, tgk laa ape jadik. lagi worst ! this is my matter. it is not yours okayh ! i know how to handle my own business. please mind your own business. go away.

btw, i will hate you forever. remember that.

Monday, April 18, 2011


kecewa sgt. okayh saya memang mcmni okayh. saya memang kalau ada something tuu saya nak jugak bende tuu. teringat lagi satu kesah tuu. time tuu arwah hidup lagi. awak tahu tak, on my birthday, arwah boleh buat bodoh. saya call byk kali dia tak angkat satu ape pownnn. and dia buat mcm nothing happens. saya sampai break dgn dia harituu. sebab dia tak bg ape yg saya nak. tp seminggu lepas tuu. arwah buat belated birthday saya. EVEN TIME TUU DIA LANGSUNG TADE DUET. tapi dia pinjam duet mak sebab nak bwk saya keluar pergi OU then beli cake saya.

awak boleh ke jadik mcm arwah ? memang saya demand tgi. tp awak tak mampu ke buat sekali seumur hidop saya ? awak tahu tak berapa byk kali saya pergi tandas tadi menanges. SUMPAH KECEWA DGN APE YG AWAK CAKAP. and tbe tbe saya terengat Arwah. sebab memang mirul lagi bagus dari awak. sebab tuu dulu saya sayang dia. sampai hari hari saya menanges pasal dia. dia sanggup buat ape je untuk saya. apa dia buat dekat saya, sama mcm awak buat dekat saya. tp dia ada kelebihan dia sendiri :(

saya tak tahu nak ckp cmne. saya rasa kecewa and kecik hati sgt dgn awak.awak takan faham hati saya. mungkin ini kali terakhir hari jadi saya. aWak mana tahu. saya mintak neyh sekali dlm hidup. lepas neyh saya tak mintak dah. saya tak pernah dpt mcm ape yg saya mintak dekat awak before this. awak tgk la last year birthday saya. kita kuar. tp last last saya pakai duet saya jugak kan ? saya cuma teringin rasa awak. teringin rasa someone betol betol buat saya happy on that day, that guy sanggup sacrifice untuk i and family i. awak tahukan, saya sayangkan family saya terlalu. saya nak kalau saya happy, diorang pown ada dgn saya. tp takpelaaa. awak tak sanggup kan ? saya pown dah malas nak engat pasal neyh. better tapayah celebrate langsung. saya tanak celebrate tanpa org yg lahirkan saya and besarkan saya selama ini. yg sanggop bersusaa payah jaga saya dari kecik sampai besar tanpa ada bantuan laen TERUTAMA SEKALI ABAH saya. tp awak. dengan perempuan yg satu-satunya saya panggil MAMA pown awak tak boleh nak bwk. jgn harap saya nak pergi.

btw ahad neyh, genap Arwah Atok pergi 5 tahun. Al-Fatihah.

Atok, kayong rinduu atok :( rindu kene marah dengan atok. rinduu tgk atok tersenyum gembira bila dpt tahu result upsr kayong bagus. rinduu tgk atok sorok sorok hisap rokok. rinduu kali terakhir atok cakap dgn kayong ;( skg semua dah tak mcm duluu. org yg atok suruh tolong jaga and tgk tgk kan kayong dah berubah. atok, nnt kita jumpa ye ? kayong doakan .

Sunday, April 17, 2011

i almost kill my own cats !

scary ! takot semua ada. takot kalau kucing tu mati. or maybe buta. know why ? coz tadi i spray kucing tuu pakai spray apetahhh. tp mama ckp spray racun.

mula mula i nak tangkap kucing i. nak kurung mereka dlm cage. but ibu dia bising bising. ibu dia is Virgo. lagi i nak tangkap lagi dia nak lri menyorok. bengang punya pasal, i nampak ada spray dekat tempat i tuu. so i amek and start spray. teros, kucing i ebrlari masok rumah. i dah pelik and bertambah pelik bila nampak arang dekat situu kuar asap. then i check la ape dlm botol spray tuu. air dia colour kuning. and i tak leyh bau. coz it make my nose feel like i cant breath. i teros berlari carik Virgo. i saw her. and she cant open up her eyes. i dah takot. i jerit bgtaw mama.

last last mama tangkap Virgo and mandikan dia and cuci mata dia semua. and now, hopefully her eyes already okayh. risau teramat weyh. kalau dia buta, memang salah i laa kan.

Friday, April 15, 2011

huruf pertama nama anda

anyway, i tgh blog walking tibe tibe jumpa satu blog ni tanya pasal huruf pertama nama anda. and i pown saje saje laa buat research pasal i and Ferd :) and this is the result.

Firdaus Zainal

Punya pendirian yang teguh, tidak mudah goyah Dan keras kepala. Mereka Juga sukar memaafkan. Tidak setia Dan amat berhati-hati bila berbelanja.
*yg tidak setia tuu tak betol. HAHA. f saya setia okayh. kan b kann ? keras kepala ? yes you are b. 

Syahnafiza Yaacob
Pandai Dan tekun dalam mengejar cita-cita. Tidak suka pada orang yang Suka memungkiri janji. Kelemahannya mudah tersinggung selain sukar Menahan emosi. Jika sudah emosi marahnya meledak-ledak.
*ini memang sama dgn my character. tapi bab mengejar cita cita tuu, im not la. coz i dah terpesong jaoh dah. HAHA. 

you guys nak try ? okayh clik this link : http://duraslayer.blogspot.com .
then korang boleh buat research pasal korang sendiri plak. then let me know about it okayh ?


sayang online for a while. b, only God know how much i miss you :( okayh tu pown gadoh. thank you b. lama tak bergadoh dgn you sebab you jelez. i like the way you jealous baby. SUMPAH ! i suka tgk u marah marah i pasal other guy and all that. tp sumpah jugak, i tak pernah menggatal.

anyway, my art & design assignment. guess what did i get ? HAHA ;D okayh, dgn bangga i announce it. SAYA DAPAT MARKAH PENUH ! happy weyh. of coz la happykan. ingat senang nak buat ? org pro je buat. saya neyh tak pro, but i know i can make it :) its my effort okayh. and Madam Azrin siap cakap photo album i dia nak pakai sebagai contoh untuk student laen. its worth it okayh ! i make it by myself for the whole day and whole night. penat search dekat google. and at last, i dpt markah yg memberansangkan. UNEXPECTED.

anyway, my final project plak... hmm, i dont think so that i can make it :( its a bit tough. bukan tough apekann, sama je mcm photoshop *org kata laa* tapi for me, i tak biasa pakai illustrator. so i rasa JANGGAL gila nak pakai. gosh, somebody, pleasee help me ! :(


lets make it short and simple , i dont need to go to saloon and waste my hundred of money to get any kind of nice hair . i just love my hair and yes you have to envy me in this because everyone loves my hair instead of your fake hair . my hair is just so nice and i do take care it like veryvery well yeah . btw , no use to have such nice hair if you girls so lazy to shampoo it , get some hair treatment and whtsoever .

Thursday, April 14, 2011

heart-warming moment, imy.

SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN. ohh yeahh. we are so cute, we are so sweet isnt ? ohh gosh baby. two days, im crying you know. i miss you badly. i kene nightmare, tp dah tade siapa dah i nak ngadu bila i kene mimpi ngeri. i bangun tidur, dah tade dah message from you. i online, dah tade siapa dah nak jelez jelez dgn i, marah marah i, touching dgn i. and now, i dah tade kwn nak bergadoh dah. i miss you so much sygg ! can you hear it ?

psst : i miss you so much F. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

take care syg.

baby, you are too far from me. currently missing you sygg. do take care okayhh ? no tiger show there -_- i taksuke you tgk bende ngarut. nanti, you free, you online. im here waiting for you sygg. lovee you so muchhh !


tok abah and pah bidah. okayhh. atok saya yang rockkk !

balek tuu naek ferry. gambar nenek saya :)

i love you nenek. she is rockkkk !

nenek and kikie :D

depan rumah paklong bong.

habes, balek to KL back :)


dekat rumah tokcik. the old woman tuu onyang saya :D 

Mama, Qurnia, Opah and Aki. dekat rumah aki. before gerak to penang.

Me ? haha serabai. abaikan.

pengantin. Cik Pian and his wife, Cik Mas.

Family here we go :) family from penang.

Me and Kikie :D

Feringhi :) next time nak pergi lagi dgn cousinnnnn :D

Mama and Abah.

ramainya orgg kat sana. but im alone. f tak ikot sekali.
im bored here without you syg,

i nampak happy family there. can i be like you guys ? :(

romantic place. i wish you were here with me baby.

harga game kat sana. murah kann ? nak maen lagi.

Mama, Qurnia, Kikie and me :)

At night market. a lot of things there. and murahhh sgt sgt.

Ending. before i balek.