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hello, anyway I'm Syaza. Uncle Nana's & Aunt Shelly's daughter. Turning to 20. KLMU student. Taking Diploma in Advertising. Actually, idk what to write ! :D I smile &a laugh too much for stupidest reason sometime. Tetapi seorg yg pemalu when first time meet someone new, a paper bag has never seemed like a BETTER accessory for hiding embarrassed laa. I love my friend :) I grown up already, to be a BETTER PERSON & even more meaner than before :) I am not here to pleased any of you people out there. This is just a place where I share my thoughts and random personal things about myself. My sincere thanks to those who became my follower and keep on reading my post. You're most welcome to drop in your comments and opinion, it may help me alot in the future time. Thanks for dropping . Loves, SyzaJacob TQSM<3

Monday, November 29, 2010


seriously dow. every monday je tak pergi kelas. bad hair day laa ape laaa. tension gueh dong ! haihhh, then pagi pagi gadoh dgn ferd. adoi. headache. btw tonight pyjama party. eheee, have fun syaza .

Friday, November 26, 2010


stress stress stress

stresss gile ! too many assignment i need to finish it ! haihhhh , kan best kalau tade assignment. sume nak pass up next week. bapak laa. tuu laa syaza , suka sgt tangguh kerja kannn. so rasa laaa sekarang. amekk kaw ! eheee :)
  • Principle of Advertising - Group Assignment.
  • Principle of Marketing
  • English - 500 Words. *OMG!*
  • Contemporary Business - 3 assignment aku tak bwat lagi.

eheee, byk kann. naseb Math tade assignment just quiz je. and sume quiz quiz math aku dapat full mark. and im proud of it. ye laa aku dari dulu suka math. gila kan math. kwn kwn aku je taw cmne aku gila dgn math.

*btw thanx to FZ sebab dye rajen tolong aku buat sume assignment aku. thanx baby.
aku dah tak tahan nak bwat tuu dye tolong. and i like it ! love you baby.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

untuk kau kau kau !

weyyyy , aku dah mula berapi dah neyhhhh. satu group cite pasal kaw. sume bengang dgn kaw. kaw neyhh beragak laa kan. aku yang dulu baek dgn kaw pownn skang dah jadik malas nak baek baek dgn kaw. tak payah nak hipocrite sgt laaa kan. kau tak bwat cakap kaw buat. akw engat kitorang sume suke ke ? anddddd , jangan laa nak pijak belakang member member sendiri. nak cite masalah kaw dgn group kaw neyh dgn org luar. macam dalam group neyh berapa kerat je org, macam tade org laen sampai kaw nak buruk buruk kann kwn kwn baek kaw dekat orgg luar. perghhhhhhh, aku kalau boleh nak tumbuk je muka kaw. bukan aku je okayh. sume kwn kwn kaw sekali. memang taleyh bla laa kaw neyh.

anyway, kaw rase kaw perfect sangat ke ? bg akuu , kaw tak laa sebagus aku and yang laen. and tak layan jadik kwn kwn aku dah. kaw boleh berambus dari group aku.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

friends ,

can i say now i really really miss all my friends right now. i miss my boo. tapi semalam dah satu hari spent time dgn dye. i love the way he hug me. ahaaa :) so sweet. i love youu b. anyway back to the topic. yeah now i admit i've got too many friends around me. dari sekolah ke fb and now kolej. hell yeah i am enjoying my life now with them. they mean a lot in my life. without them i know my life would not be as wonderful as now. guys, thanx for always cheer up my day. sometime we had a big fight. but alhamdulillah everything dapat di settle kann. only one prob yang kite tak dapat settle kan lagi. only me, eqa, effy, and kylaa know what happen. maybe she doesnt understand what the meaning of true friends kannn guys ? but just wait, one day nnt kite g settle all this matter with her. panas hati i pownnnn tak habes lagi neyh. hehehe. btw friends, miraa, fiera, effy, eqa, kyla, wan, zul, effa, tieqa, ayang, ejat, emr, izzul ruzaini, amer, meor and who else that close with me i am so glad to have you guys as my friends. effy now i memang close dgn u. everything story dekat you. thanx sbb jadik pendengar setia i. i love you guys a lot !

Hotstuff ?

may i ask you one question ? what will you do when there is someone around you who always think they are “Hotstuff” ? are you going to kill them ? or you just show them the middle finger ? or you will talk shits about them? telling you what guys, i’m sick of those people. sometimes, i feel like want to laugh as loud as i can when i met with that silly people. i don’t understand, in this modern era, there are certain people who are think they are famous, but the truth is they aren’t !

notes : so the conclusion is,
dont think that you are too enough.
coz for me, you look like a jerk okayh ! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


my sister mya. even kat rumahh syaza selalu gadoh dgn dye. campak kasut dye kwar rumah, campak baju baju dye, gune barang barang dye tapi she is the best sis i ever had. memang dye garang. hahaha :D tapi ade mase dye baek. baek kalau aku nak bwat jahat. gambar ni aku snap time aku g shopping kat kedai baju dye. uniqlo farenheit. sape sape nak shopping g kedai dye. sure dapat discout. hahaha. love you mya !

korangg kenal kann sape mamat neyh. berapa byk kali dye mencapap kat blog aku. tataw bape byk kali aku sebot nama dye. time neyh pown aku kwar dgn adek adek aku. bwat surprise ntok dye:) i bought him new jeans. sukaaa nyer dye dapat jeans baru tuhh. and ble dye pakai memang aku suke sgt sgt tgk. i owned him. he is mine forever . kannn b kannn ? :)

she is Nur Atieqa. kawan fb aku. gile bapak close. sayangg sgt sgt kat dye. last meet dye last week. kebetulan dye pown kwn dgn bestfriends aku jugak, effy and eqa. korangg sorry bukan tanak taruk gambar korang jugak. tapi i tade gambar terlawa. hahaha. sayanggg korang sgt sgt sgt. and korang laa closest friends i now. nak ngadu pownn kat orang. korang laa yang taw i neyhh cmne kannnn :)
hahaha ini korangg sure kenal kannn, actually bukan kwn sgtt. tapi mia tuuu memang comel gile gile. suka sgt tgk dye. time neyh dekat curve.aku dgn effy kejar dye sampai ke toilet. actually mia n siti dowk belakang meja kitorang time mkn kat mc donald. tapi malu malu nak tegur. last last dye g toilet aku pown bantai ikot. hehehe. dye memang comel. nak baby mcm dye :)

here is it. my brother, reed. ohh gosh dye memang hensem segak kacak sume. time neyhh kitorang saje je maen webbie. saje nak posing posing. tataw nak bwat ape dah. actually byk gile gambar dye yang kelakar gile. tapi dye tak bg upload. so i preffer this picture. sebab dye nampak comel sgt sgt sgt.

*actually gambar neyh patot post dekat blog. cuma tade mase lagi.
so here is it :)

i meet my bff :) yess i miss her a lot !

yesterday should be aku pergi kelas advertising. dah janji dgn effy nak bwat assignment
business yang bertimbun. siap dah text dekat hp effy and wall fb dye lagi cakap jgn lupa
bwk assignment on monday.

as usual mama always kejotkan aku. with a laziest feeling. rase cam tanak pergi kelas je
terpaksa bersiap.kelas pukul 11 tapi pukul 8.30 dah kwar. eheee. ape lagi kalau bukan melantak
mc donald. i loving it :) tak sah kalau tak pekena mc donald satu hari. mama, bestfriend kat kolej
and tersayang pown sudah maklum that syaza very very addicted with mc donald. who want to find me, search
me there okayh baby ? :)

having my breakfast sambil tuu online mukabuku :) OMIGOD ! lupaaa. today one of my longest friends, i mean fanaa ajak
hang out. i miss her alot ! mula mula engat nak pergi after my class. tapi pk pk balek cancel laaa. nak g jumpa fanaa.
she is the most person in my life. lama benar tak jumpa dye kannn. lama gila tak menanges dekat bahu dye. rinduuu kaw sayanggg :)
dah habes makan sume aku pown carik cab patah balek rumah siap tukar baju. nak kwar date dgn dye kann. and bukan fanaa je.
mayam pown ade. me and her were in a same school before. i mean at Teknik Kuala Selangor.

fanaa suruh datang awal sikit. so secepat yg mungkin aku try datang. eheee. tahan taxi lagi. nak ke rumahh fanaa. tapi sebab dye punyer pasal
tade hal. bukan selalu jumpa bff aku neyh. rupa rupanya dye suruh datang awal sbb aunty nak g breakfast. tapi kedai uncle rahim tutup.
kesian aunty. last last dye sekali mengekor pegi one utama.

aku dgn fanaa g parkson carik present towk boyfiee fanaa. then pastuu dah beli ape sume g lepak arena foodcourt. tataw nak mkn ape. engat nak
makan mc donald again. but unlucky. there are too many people queing there. thats whyy aku and fanaa plan g lepak minom je. then snap picture jap kitorang
g beli ticket movie. waiting for mayam and fanaa's boyfiee.

lastly we planned to watch 'let me in'. errrr , i dont know how to descibe about this movie. tapi sumpah boleh menanges dalam tuuu.
i almost cried there okayh. kalau ade baby surely aku dah nanges dah. ni ade fanaa n mayam so agak malu sikit nak nanges. habes cerita aku terus gerak balek. mama
suruh amek babies dekat baby sitter.

*btw i love you fanaa even aku rase cam kite tak berapa rapat cam duluuu kan.
eheee, i wish we could be like before.

guys check out bout her at my previous entry.

Monday, November 22, 2010

for you SHAFIRINA .

maaf harini fiza tanak g kelas. so syaza pown malas g kelas. eheee. tape kannn cik rina kannn ?
nnt esok fiza janji fiza g kelas ye ? :) today sgt sgt malas laaa cik rina. nak jumpa kwn lamaaa fiza. hahaha :D jgn maraaa taw. last week rina tak datang kelas advertising kan ? this week fiza plak tak datang ye. hehehe.

*sayang you cik RINA.
from FIZA :D

i want you to say it baby

"Every girl wants a man that she can go to in her sweats, hair a mess, make up running down her face, eyes red from crying and the first thing he says to her is "Baby you're beautiful" and means it"

Sunday, November 21, 2010

20 November 2010

yessss , harini memang boring. aku tataw nak buat ape. tak kwarrr ape. dowk lepak rumah. kemas bilik aku yang berselerak sakan tuhhh. puas hati. then tgk dvd :)
btw mulaa rinduu dekat kawan kawan aku. semalam lepak. korangggg, syaza rinduuuu korang.
semalam balek banquet g lepak tanjung. dorg dorg ajaaa syaza maen card. hahaha.
best best. sukaaaa sgt sgt. even pening sket. then ferd datang. dye pown hoin sekaki.
semalam pown ferd belanja makan subway. hahaha , sorry sayang, syaza tade dwet nak belanja lagi. so sygg belanja laa ye ? ily ! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

nak kucing baru. sape nak bg ?

chomel si penyebok. ayong gatal amek gambar awak ye mell ? :)

saya nak ade kucing baru. kucing saya yang gemok neyh dah tua sgttt. and sgttt laa pemalas. eheee, sorry chomel, ayong nak jage yang muda muda. baru best kacau kacau. awak tuuu dah tua sgttt. dah tak larat nak gadoh dgn ayong. hari hari mintak makan then tdo. saya nak sekor yang macam chomel. gemokkk and kaler hitam hitam skeyttt. or maybe macam snowbell saya yang telah tiada. rinduuu sgt sgt dekat snowbell. putih and gebu. tido sure dengan saya. ayong rinduuu awak snowbell :( hmmm, tape tape. saya carik kucing baru and bgtaw mama nnt :)

hear what i try to said,

Your best friend is the one who’s laughed with you, cried with you, and despaired with you. Your best friend is the one who loves and accepts all the strange or quirky things about you. Your best friend is the one who’s shirts are stained with mascara from your tears.

Your best friend is the one who can look at you and have a whole conversation without moving their mouth once. Your best friend is the one who’s seen you at your worst, and said you were the best. Your best friend is the one who fought for and defended you-even when they knew you were wrong. Your best friend is the one who can honestly say “I love you.” and not think twice about how it was taken.

Your best friend is the one who crashes on your couch at four in the morning. Your best friend is the one who kicked you in the ass and straightened you out when you were about to make a big mistake. Your best friend is the one who knows you inside out. Your best friend is the one who never has to ask- they already know the answer. Your best friend is the one with whom you can’t play twenty questions because they already know the answer to every question.

Your best friend is the one who fought with you, missed you, and made up with you after many bitter exchanges were made. Your best friend is the one who stood by your side when you were having a hard time, and always forgave you for being a bitch. Your best friend is the one who doesn’t expect an apology but deserves one.

Your best friend is the one who covered for you to keep you out of serious trouble. Your best friend is the one who never judged you for what you had done, never called you a dirty name because you had been less than good. Your best friend is the one who is your main partner in crime.

Your best friend is the one who will always need you and miss you in times of need when you can’t be there, but knows you would be if it was possible. Your best friend is the one whom you may need most, who will always seek your company, but will push you away to avoid pulling you down with them when they know they can’t win.

*And remember, our friendship is forever! Pls don't break it

Monday, November 15, 2010

listen here :)

Dear wind, can you hug him tight for me?
Dear clouds, can you tell him that I love him for me?
Dear stars, can you whisper to him that I miss him for me?
Dear rainbow, can you cheer up his day so it'll be colorful?
Dear rain, can you kiss his cheeks for me?
Dear sun and moon, can you company him all the time?
Because, I'm not by his side, but I still want him to know that I'll always think of him ?

Syaza Jacob

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i want ,

i nak kwar today.
i nak g tengok movie.
i nak lepak pavi.
i nak ponteng kerja harini.
i nak jumpa boifren i kejap lagi.
i nak buat macam macam harini :D

*tapi esok dah nak exam kannnnnn syazaaaaa ? :)

Monday, November 08, 2010

Sarah Amirah Ibrahim

We are together for whatever. Am i rite? haha :D Aku punya kau dan dia sahaja tatkala nih. Hope korang tak pergi menjauh tinggalkan diri ini terpontang panting seorang diri. Aku minta maaf andaikata satu hari nanti aku melukakan jiwa kalian dua. Tak kalian dua,pada sesiapa juga la. Aku banyak sedar sudah sama diri ini. Aku sedar akan realiti kewujudan aku di dunia. Sepertinya aku hanya boneka tempat di mana tuk gelak ketawa bersama sama,namun tatkala engkau orang yang susah,engkau orang mencari aku tuk menyelesaikan masalah agar situasi menjadi lebih mudah. Aku tak kesah. Malah aku lagi suka sebab susah senang bersama. Tapi bukan pertolongan yang bangsat lagi hina aku harapkan korang pinta. Apa yang aku harapkan sama sekali punah. Mereka yang hegeh minta pertolongan tu selalunya pertolongan tak munasabah. Ciptaan aku di dunia ini tuk apakah? Dijadikan sampah? heh :l
Saat ini,tatau kenapa aku sentiasa memikirkan rakan rakan seperjuangan yang tak sudah ceritanya. Bagi aku apa apa hal FRIENDSHIP tu important! Tak kira korang buat masalah meludah ludah atau apakah,korang tetap sahabat yang mikat jiwa :) Tapi kali nh tetiba aku tak tabah. Hari hari aku nk meluah. Pada siapa pun aku dah tak kesah. Yang pasti jiwa aku tak semakin parah. Kelakar bila rasanya seorang sahabat mengatakan aku seorang yang tabah. Haha! Tabah kah aku nak hadapi segalanya seorang diri tanpa keluarga terchenta,teman yang di sanjung mulia? Hee.
Orang mana yang sering tunjukkan kedukaan jiwa? Payah tuk aku temui orang sebegitu rupa. Biasanya semua akan buat buat gumbira sepertinya tak punya masalah. Macam tu juga lah aku. Tetapi tak nafikan la. Ada segelintirnya gemar menjadi sebegitu rupa. Tuk mencari simpati kabarnya :) Tapi aku,aku cuba berubah. Aku ingin selesaikan masalah sendiri dengan mudah tanpa mengharapkan ehsan sesiapa. Tak semua boleh di percaya. Cuma aku gemar berkongsi cerita. Sebab nak lihat pendapat dan nasihat dari mereka yang tak terbilang jumlahnya. Aku sentiasa hargai segalanya. Terima kasih :)

dedicated to :
Sarah Amirah Ibrahim
Trimas kerna jadi teman yang setia.Hope kepercayaan pada kalian tak menjadi sia sia :)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


maaf atas kesilapan saya selama ini.
and tak lupa juga , salah faham antara saya dan awak.