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hello, anyway I'm Syaza. Uncle Nana's & Aunt Shelly's daughter. Turning to 20. KLMU student. Taking Diploma in Advertising. Actually, idk what to write ! :D I smile &a laugh too much for stupidest reason sometime. Tetapi seorg yg pemalu when first time meet someone new, a paper bag has never seemed like a BETTER accessory for hiding embarrassed laa. I love my friend :) I grown up already, to be a BETTER PERSON & even more meaner than before :) I am not here to pleased any of you people out there. This is just a place where I share my thoughts and random personal things about myself. My sincere thanks to those who became my follower and keep on reading my post. You're most welcome to drop in your comments and opinion, it may help me alot in the future time. Thanks for dropping . Loves, SyzaJacob TQSM<3

Friday, March 25, 2011

difference between lone and like

if u look into the eyes of the one u love, u blush
if u look into the eyes of the one u like, u smile
in front of the one u love, u cant say everything on ur mind
but infront of the person u like, u can

infront of the person u love, u tend to get shy but infront of the one u like, u can show ur own self

the person u love come into ur mind every 2 minute and u cant
look straight into the eyes 
of the one u love.
but u can always smile into the eyes of the one u like.

when the one u love is crying, u cry with them
but when the one u like is crying, u end up comforting

the feeling of love starts from the eyes
but the feeling of like starts from the ears

so, if u stop liking a person u use to like
all u need to do is cover ur ears
but if u try to close ur ayes
love turn into tears drop and remain in your heart
forever after

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