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hello, anyway I'm Syaza. Uncle Nana's & Aunt Shelly's daughter. Turning to 20. KLMU student. Taking Diploma in Advertising. Actually, idk what to write ! :D I smile &a laugh too much for stupidest reason sometime. Tetapi seorg yg pemalu when first time meet someone new, a paper bag has never seemed like a BETTER accessory for hiding embarrassed laa. I love my friend :) I grown up already, to be a BETTER PERSON & even more meaner than before :) I am not here to pleased any of you people out there. This is just a place where I share my thoughts and random personal things about myself. My sincere thanks to those who became my follower and keep on reading my post. You're most welcome to drop in your comments and opinion, it may help me alot in the future time. Thanks for dropping . Loves, SyzaJacob TQSM<3

Thursday, July 15, 2010

hello :)

didn't post any decent post but whatteheck, just not in any mood to. even now i feel so down n just feel like choking someone will countless number of pills or even squeewing them till their last breath. just random thought running through my mind.

so today is thursday. like usual i woke up at 8.30 am. having my breakfast and bla bla bla. prepare to college. haihhhhh , tuhan boleh tak fast forward kan hari hari saya ? pc competency. subject paling senang. but very boring to study. tired, bored & depressed for wednesday and thursday class only.

than going back at 5, eventhough my class finished around 2. whatthehell you do there for almost 3 hours syaza ? HAHA, ape lagi kan . I am waiting for my boyfie laa. saya seorang yang penyabar. even like a asshole boring dok tercangak dekat library uh , but as a good lover, kene laa tgu syg saya pulang jugak kannnn.

okay thats it.

Syaza Jacob

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