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hello, anyway I'm Syaza. Uncle Nana's & Aunt Shelly's daughter. Turning to 20. KLMU student. Taking Diploma in Advertising. Actually, idk what to write ! :D I smile &a laugh too much for stupidest reason sometime. Tetapi seorg yg pemalu when first time meet someone new, a paper bag has never seemed like a BETTER accessory for hiding embarrassed laa. I love my friend :) I grown up already, to be a BETTER PERSON & even more meaner than before :) I am not here to pleased any of you people out there. This is just a place where I share my thoughts and random personal things about myself. My sincere thanks to those who became my follower and keep on reading my post. You're most welcome to drop in your comments and opinion, it may help me alot in the future time. Thanks for dropping . Loves, SyzaJacob TQSM<3

Thursday, September 23, 2010

gay , lesbian & bisex. which one ?

what do you think ?
i woke up this morning and suddenly it came on my mind.
well actually i'd thought about it long time ago.
but today baru teringat balek, hee :)

dari dulu aku suke sgt tgk perempuan yang cantikk. lepak dgn kawan kawan aku mata aku sure merayap tgk perempuan yang lawaa & sexy je. bukannya ushar lelaki. weird huh ? but hell yeah, it is true. maybeee because i am not pretty like them so i love to look at them and i wanna be pretty like them. i mean they can be my role models to look gorgeous.

but absolutely, I DO LOVEE BOYS :D

hahaha. for the record, idk what to say. idk if my friends are bisex, gays or even lesbians. coz it was their natural feelings kan ? DEPENDS. if they wanna change or not i still friends with them x)

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